Update RPi Kernel Version



How can I update the kernel version of my RPi 3? I’ve tried rpi-update from inside the container but is fails.

I’m using resin/%%RESIN_MACHINE_NAME%%-python:latest
The current kernel version is 4.1.21, I’d like to use 4.4.x



Hi Zuma,
You cannot update the kernel from the container. Kernel is located in the Host OS that runs the docker container. We are working on a Resin 2.0 release with an updated kernel. A release candidate version for non production use is available in the Downloads.


Ok, thanks.
Which kernel version will be included in the Resin 2.0 release?


It will be version 4.4.48 with all the relevant device tree overlays included.


Great, thanks. I’ll try the candidate version.