Update Raspberry PI kernel


Is is possible to update the kernel version of the raspberry-pi image? Currently 4.9.59 is installed, and 4.14 is available. We need the new kernel as our setup is for a digital signage solution where hardware acceleration with the vc4-fkms-v3d overlay is required. This is really buggy (hanging screens, flashing etc.) on old kernels.


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Hi. You can only update the entire hostOS as it gets released. The releases changelog is here https://github.com/resin-os/resin-raspberrypi/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md and you can see there when the kernel might get updated.
The kernel version mainly depends on the BSP version so the general rule is that when the BSP layer upgrades the kernel then we also pick up the upgrade

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Hey, thank you! Was checking it a bit further and it seems that BSP does support the 4.14 kernel. See here: https://github.com/agherzan/meta-raspberrypi/blob/f86f9f0013e11311c66fc640fbb43b399606ca2f/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi_4.14.bb

In the resin-raspberrypi repo the LINUX_KERNEL is hardcoded to 4.9.59

Would it be possible to copy the configurations from linux-raspberrypi_4.14.bb file to the linux-raspberrypi_%.bbappend file in the resin-raspberrypi repo?

Created a pull request just to start the conversation, think it requires extra work to compile correctly, but not sure how to start with that. See: https://github.com/resin-os/resin-raspberrypi/pull/186

Thanks :slight_smile:

@agherzan will the BSP update the kernel to 4.14 in rocko?

@mbardelmeijer we currently use the rocko branch of the BSP and in there the kernel is at version 4.9.59 https://github.com/agherzan/meta-raspberrypi/tree/rocko/recipes-kernel/linux

If the BSP will not update the kernel in rocko, it is most likely that kernel 4.14 will be in the next release (sumo) which should happen sometimes in April.

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Aah i see, that’s clear. Hopefully the next release will have the updated kernel :slight_smile:

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