Update openBalena from a container

This link describes a way to update the openBalena OS on the host.

Is there a way to execute these commands from a container instead of host OS?


Hi, these commands must be executed from the Host OS because of the sandboxed nature of the containers; you need wider permissions to update the OS, which are only granted under Host OS.

Hi, @bucknalla

So is it impossible to update the balenaOS inside a container?


Hi @bucknalla, we are currently using openBalena, I saw in another forum post that you will support OS updates via openBalena. Is there still no ETA for that?

As some background we we have some devices deployed on customer sites with production images.

We run a management container on top of the balenaOS and then run a docker in docker app inside of this container.

We have SSH access into this management container but are locked into i.e. we can get to the OS or balena containers.

We somehow need to be able to deploy OS updates to these production devices.