OS Upgrade in OpenBalena

How are OS upgrades handled in OpenBalena? Is the SDK startOsUpdate command supported?


Hi, OpenBalena doesn’t support OS upgrades remotely, so that command is not supported.

Hi @karaxuna,

Sorry for hijacking this thread btw, but is there any way to update the Host OS when using openBalena? Because else, if we want to use openBalena, we can’t update our fleet’s HostOS remotely, which isn’t really do-able…

Hi @vedicium ,

Host updates on balenaCloud are carried out by downloading these updates from its registries. These don’t exist on openBalena, so currently there’s now way to remotely update a device using openBalena to a new version of balenaOS.

We do have plans to support this in the future, but this is dependent on other functionality that has not yet been finalised, so unfortunately I can’t give you any sort of ETA.

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Is there anything we (the community) can do to help you with this? I’ll love to contribute.

Thank you for the offer, I pinged the open source team to ask where they could need help. They will update this thread.

Hi @gmerciel, it needs some more work internally to get into a position where we can start opening this up. Thanks for the offer!

Has anyone tried going the https://mender.io route to get OS Upgrade in combination with OpenBalena? It would probably be a bit cumbersome to run both the Mender and OpenBalena server components. But would it work?


Thanks for the suggestion, but going the mender route is not something we are currently considering. OS Upgrade for OpenBalena is something we have plans to support in the future, but using our own implementation.