On this page, it says to use RESIN_SUPERVISOR_OVERRIDE_LOCK:

However on this page it says to use RESIN_OVERRIDE_LOCK:

Could you confirm which is correct to override the update locks? Or do we need both?

Docs lead here. I had started a discussion on this internally but didn’t follow up on it. The answer is both config options are correct and don’t need to set both to enforce a lock override.

  • BALENA_SUPERVISOR_OVERRIDE_LOCK: is the new one, and recommended way to set an override lock manually.
  • RESIN_OVERRIDE_LOCK: Legacy, not recommended, kept around to not break compatibility

Pull requests are in place to eliminate this confusion. The recommended although to override locks should be either using the:

  1. Dashboard: use the ‘Override the update lock …’ toggle in the Fleet or Device Configuration page. Go to the configuration page of the device or fleet, locate the ‘Override the update lock …’ item, click the activate button, and set the toggle to enabled.
  2. SDK: use the method: sdk.models.device.enableLockOverride|disableLockOverride(uuidOrId) from the balenaSDK

There is no need to set configuration variables directly although if the need arises then this page is considered to be the source of truth for the configuration options: Configuration List for Raspberry Pi 3 - Balena Documentation