Force update via supervisor API not working


I’m experiencing problem with overriding update lock using supervisor API and force update.
It works on older version of supervisor that we use (10.2.2) and balenaOS 2.43.0+rev1.
After upgrading version of supervisor API (we need newer version for new features) is not working.
We tried also latest such as 11.12.10 . With no effect as well.

Only working solution is setting up config variable BALENA_SUPERVISOR_OVERRIDE_LOCK, but its not very suitable for our use case. (we want to trigger update from container using supervisor API)

Are there any changes in newer versions that are not mentioned in documentation or am I doing something wrong? Anyone experiencing similar problem?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this. Would you mind creating a GitHub issue on our Supervisor repo ( with some details and if possible a simple reproduction. You can track that issue then going forward and get updated when it’s resolved.

I would say that upgrade locks should only be used during sensitive operations; say a drone is flying then you wouldn’t want a fleet update to restart the flight controller service. So you’d set the lock which this is going on, and clear it when it landed, etc. If you want to control which release a device is running, then we have pinned releases and you should set a device to the release you want it to run. If that value is different then it will try and update. If you pin it to a version then it will not update if you create a new release.


Thank you

I’ve created github issue.