Multi container update locking

I have created an update lock on /data/resin-updates.lock in a container, however the device containers were still updated when I pushed to balenaCloud.

I fear that the update lock is not recognised, perhaps this is due to working in a multi container environment. Or could this be due to the named volume being called resin-data where in the updated instructions the volume is called balena-data.

Here is the relevant portion of the docker-compose.yml in which the volume is created.

version: '2'
    - 'resin-data:/data'

For completeness here is the relevant section of the instructions for multi container named data volumes.

Multi container named volumes

Additionally here is the project from which I found out how to apply update locking.

Balena Updates Lock

Hi @hpgmiskin,
The use of /data for the update lock was deprecated a long time ago, and removed in resinOS 2.x. The new location is at /tmp/resin, as per our docs: (and soon to become /tmp/balena, but /tmp/resin will still be supported).
Could you try the new location and let us know if you hit any issues?

(btw, repos in balena-io-playground are not necessarily actively maintained, as is the case with the one you linked - always refer to our docs for up-to-date information)