Unsupported USB wifi adapter

Hey @Tissy

I think it would be much easier if you were able to share the code you are using to build the kernel module in a public repository.

Are you able to do that?


Thank you @rahul-thakoor, that’s a very good idea !

The repository can be found here Tissy/kernel-module-build (github.com)

To confirm, the module and code appears to compile fine using Balena CLI, however the LED on the ALFA card should light blue when it is recognised and running, but it doesn’t. Likewise if I run the lsmod command, the driver appears not to be loaded. So I’m guessing there is still a driver loading issue.

Many thanks for any help you are able offer, genuinely appreciated as it’s driving me nuts and I’d love to get this working !

Hi Tissy,

can you please check access to the repo? is it private? I get a 404 when trying to load it

My apologies @rahul-thakoor, I didn’t realise it was private. This has now been changed to public.

Many thanks :slight_smile: