Unofficially supported wifi dongles and user test result

After spending quite some time trying to find a dongle that just works I am starting this so others don’t have to start form zero.
Balenas official list of dongles is somewhat outdated and the models listed are hard to come by. If you have found another dongle that worked for you please add it to this thread.
Dongles that work:

  • MT7601: I have successfully managed to get USB dongles based on the MT7601 chipset to work out of the box these are dirt cheap and readily available on aliexpress. They come in many form factors so make sure you get an MT7601. They come between 2-5USD on aliexpress

Dongles that don’t work:

  • tp-link AC600 Archer T2U Nano
  • tp-link TLWN725N
  • tp-link TLWN722N
  • tp-link AC600 Archer T2U Plus
  • In general so far anything that has promised more than 150Mbps speed has failed

I hope this is helpful. feel free to add your own results and I will try to keep the list updated

Hey @moodgorning

This is a great idea! Thanks for starting the thread :slight_smile: