Unable to push code with developer role


We have two resin accounts:

  • an account (admin) that is the owner of an application
  • an account (developer1) that has developer access to the application.

I can push code to admin@git.resin.io:admin/dev.git, but not to developer1@git.resin.io:admin/dev.git

From the docs:

Developers are given, in addition to the access provided to operators, the ability to manage an application. This includes pushing new code, modifying fleet-wide environment variables, running application actions, and downloading application images.

Is this expected behaviour? How can we resolve this?

Could you let us know what errors this generates, if any, and also confirm whether these are operating inside different user accounts on your local machine so we can be sure git is not trying to use your admin account’s credentials to push to the developer account’s endpoint.

With a second set of eyes we noticed our ssh keys were incorrectly added.

This issue is solved! Sorry about this :confused: