Unable to delete application

I’m unable to delete my application. I seem to have issues updating my device with my application so I’m deleting the application and building a new one. For some reason I can’t delete my application it just stays on the “deleting application…” page forever. Any thoughts?


This might be a network issue on your end or something temporary, hard to tell. Are you still seeing this issue?

Also, be very careful when you are deleting applications - take a look at our documentation here. In case there are devices attached to your application when you delete it, they will be orphaned and you will have to reconfigure them from scratch.

Well I use different networks all day long. I’m always switching from the office, to meetings, coffee shops, and home. The application still refuses to delete.

Hi @KingstonSteele I just tried this on myside and indeed it seems to spin for ages, but did eventually delete probably after about 15 seconds, which is something I will raise with the team as that seems way too long. How long did you wait on the delete and did the app have may devices and/or many releases, since the delete of an app is a cascade delete to remove all the other parts having 1000s of releases could make it very slow to delete.


Were you able to get this sorted? Please let us know if there’s anything we might do from our end.

When developing on your devices, you might also consider using Local Mode and livepush to reduce the number of releases (and shorten development time). This works on devices imaged with a development variant of balenaOS. https://www.balena.io/blog/local-mode-and-livepush-make-balenacloud-development-powerfully-fast/

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No unfortunately it just times out after maybe 2 minutes and doesn’t delete. That’s a good idea to use local development. It must just have too many releases.

Hi @KingstonSteele,

You might also try using the CLI to remove the app (https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/balena-cli/#app-rm-name), keeping in mind that this, too, may take a while given all the releases, but it might be easier to track.