Tunneling socket could not be established: socket hang up 2

any idea why?


@galapagos Hello there!
Could you verify that your service started up properly? The service should be listening on port 80, capable to provide a timely response.

@ mikesimos, I do understand that its not listening on port 80, its pretty from the error messageā€¦

Question is : how do you verify that? What are the steps? Whats the troubleshoot guide?

Hi Galapagos,
what mikesimos was suggesting was to try and access the device locally.
If you have it in a local network you could direct your browser to its IP address on port 80.
Otherwise you could use the dashboard to establish a shell connection and try to access the port using curl / wget with the devices external address.
While on the dashboard you can also check the logs and the status of your services.