Trying to browse for iso file using etcher on Chromebook

What kind of messed up weird menu is this program using, I can’t even find the downloads folder on my Chromebook, it’s really ridiculous, and quite frustrating.

Any tips on how to browse through the random hundreds of Linux system folders to find where my iso image is hiding?

Hi @metalman23,

Chromebooks are highly oriented toward security. On a Chromebook, the Linux instances are isolated from the rest of the system so as to prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot.

You need to share the Downloads folder with the Linux VM. Open the Files app, then right click on Downloads, and Share With Linux. The shared downloads folder will be under /mnt/chromeos/MyFiles/Downloads

You will also need to go to settings and grant access to the USB device for Linux once you plug in the USB device to flash it.

Unfortunately, this is just how ChromeOS works and there’s nothing we can do to make it easier to run Etcher on Chromebook, even with the above steps it may still not work because of ChromeOS’s security.

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