If I have Chrome OS How Do I Use Etcher

I don’t seem to be able to use this. It says that I can use etcher on any OS on any computer but it’s not working for me. Can someone help? I have Chome OS

There’s no Etcher packages for Chrome OS.
If your chromebook has an intel or amd processor and supports running Linux apps, you may be able to install the deb package from here https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/releases/download/untagged-174cb367c86f54c5229f/balena-etcher-electron_1.5.28_amd64.deb using these instructions https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/08/08/chrome-os-canary-can-now-install-linux-apps-deb-packages/ .

If you are a Crostini user then you will most likely be able to load Etcher under Linux and use it when Chrome OS 75 comes out - given that as I write this we are still on 73 you will need to do something else (like the alternative below) or wait

Alternately, You could use the Chrome OS recovery tool to write an image of your choosing. In step one you select the gear icon and choose use a local image (the image file has to be .bin) then continue with the process as normal

I think @Uus_Sanct is right.

For you reference though @bwpbruce Chrome OS 75 adds USB support for Linux before there wasn’t any way to access USB devices (that I know of)

More on the changes

When you get OS 75 @bwpbruce’s method may or may not work. The reality is that Chrome OS is locked down as part of its design. It makes things safer that way.

I already tried the Chrome OS recovery tool changing to .bin but I tried that for a couple alternative OS and it did not work.

Ok, just in case something had changed
I pulled the latest Ubuntu LTS server iso
renamed the .iso file to .bin
used the recovery tool, selected my Ubuntu.bin file
burned it
then used it on a system and it booted without error

So, I am unsure why you would have an issue other than file format

Does unbuntu come with google play? Which alternative to Chome OS comes with Google Play store?

Ubuntu was just an example of using a bootable iso format
I would think whatever OS you are trying would be similar and have a bootable iso format available and that it should work shrugs
However, we have now gone way off topic and I don’t have any experience in loading alt chrome OSes