The Things Stack, Arduino Cloud IoT and balena

Hello guys! I am trying to connect a RAK831 gateway to The Things Stack, with no success. I followed this guide for setting up the gateway.

I am using a Things Stack account that was created from the Arduino Cloud IoT. It was recently announced that Arduino Cloud IoT now is working with the Things Industries. I am getting these logs:

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

These are my variables:

And this is the gateway overview in my Things Stack account:

Let’s see what @mpous thinks when he gets a moment. Welcome to balena @canchebagur. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dtischler for pinging me here!

Hello @canchebagur could you please confirm here the URL on the TC_URI that you are testing and the port number? i can’t see the port. Looks like that address is not correct.