The local mode stops working after a few pushes and I start getting random errors

After a few successful pushes, the local mode stops working and starts behaving strangely.
After a few pushes:
1.) I am unable to get the docker info when doing a balena scan.

2.) Sometimes, Balena is unable to communicate with the local device.

3.) Sometimes, I get multicontainer error saying I need to update to a balenaOS >= v2.20.0. My version of OS is v2.29.2

To fix these, I always have to disable the local mode and wait for my code to run in the ‘Online’ mode at least once. After this, when I enable the local mode, it works fine but only for a few pushes. This process is very time taking. I need some help here, please.

I think the most useful thing here would be to try to ssh into the host device when this occurs again, and read the logs from journalctl -f -u balena -a. This will tell us if something is going wrong with the supervisor or balena-engine.

Alternatively next time you experience this, please ping me, enable support access and I can take a look at the device. Currently I can’t say exactly what can be going wrong. It could be several things, from weirdness in your network to the device having a corrupted FS.