The best way to build an image for popular tools (like nginx / postgres)

Hello everyone,

I have started to move my Dockerfile to Dockerfile.template using the base images provided by Balena.

It was quite easy for Python based app, however I have Docker images that are Nginx or Postgres based.

I was asking myself:

  • does Balena provide images for very popular tools (like Nginx or Postgres)?
  • if not, what will you do to have the most generic and optimised image?

I was thinking about starting from a Balena base Python image and install Postgres and Nginx above it but we lost all the reusability of official images.


unfortunately we do not provide such images, are you looking for some specific functionality of balena base images in combination with postgres or nginx? You can still use the upstream images if they fit your purposes, there is no need to base all the containers on balena images.

Hello mtoman,
No specific needs on my side, but I love having standardised things and it would have been cool to have the same logic / base images (and thus compatibility) for all my services.
Thanks for the anwer!

Hi @pcorbel,

Thanks for understanding, and I definitely recognize the appeal of having more convenient solutions for an application. I’ve created an internal pattern about the possibility of providing a wider range of base images, and we’ll let you know if this feature becomes available. Happy hacking!