Taming the 'hard' in hardware in 8 steps - a product development journey

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Thanks for the excellent write up of the process you took. I had wondered what happened to this project - as a non-hardware guy it sounded reasonably straight forward at the beginning, but you helped me appreciate the twists and turns both in function and purpose along the way.

I had a couple of ideas for re-purposing the base hardware: cluster controller for multiple SBCs with network over USB and utilising MicroK8s, or as a central power and feed manager for a group of CCTVs. It may only need a change in case design for some of these to work?

Hello @Andronichus for your message. Welcome to the balena forums!

To get the latest update of the project you can find here more information EtcherPro progress updates - #67 by konmouz tldr we are starting to deliver first units to customers.

Not sure if this may work, but let me ping @konmouz to learn about this :slight_smile:

Hi @Andronichus, thank you for your interest in EtcherPro. Iā€™m not super familiar with the usecases you describe but they sound feasible. Also, maybe you could get away from altering the case, but instead design a jig/adapter that could sit on top. Software-wise, EtcherPro owners are welcome to take over the code of their device and build anything they want.