System size problem

The size of the flash I have is 1 GB and the system size is 4.61. What are the solutions, I do not have a CD


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Please can you provide additional details. If your questions is simply about the system (image) size being bigger than your available flash/storage, then you need a bigger flash/storage device.


I do not have a flash drive with a larger size, I want other options


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Can you share additional information on what constitutes the 4.61GB maybe we can advise on how to pair it down?

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4.62 GB is the size of the operating system
I want solutions What options do I have ?

Hi @tarq, your only option is to get a flash drive which is big enough for the operating system you are trying to flash. If there isn’t anything that can be removed from the file you are trying to flash you won’t be able to write 4.61GB onto a 1GB drive