Switch from docker-ce to balena-engine

Is it possible to switch from docker-ce to balena-engine and reuse the already pulled images and autorun docker-containers?

Hi @artur
I’ll try to give a generic answer, I’m not sure I undertand the question completely. Maybe could you explain a bit more about your use case, what are you trying to achieve?

balena-engine uses docker images, so it can run the same images. When you install balenaOS it replaces the existing OS, so usually using “already pulled images” (copies) would not be possible out of the box.

If you can provide a bit more context then that’d be helpful

Thanks, Ramiro

Hi @artur! Did our previous response help with your question? If not, could you please share a bit more context about your use case? Thanks!

Hi. I’m using yocto to create our own OS. Be used the docker receipes before, but I was interessted in using balena-engine instead. Therefore I just copied the receipes from meta-balena. I could build it and could also use belana-engine, but on each start the images where removed. I found by myself, that the engine tried to migrate from aufs to overlayfs2, but failed. I disabled the migration and since then the image remains. I didn’t try to run docker on that images, but I assume the migration was the fault.

Hi @artur,

Thanks for the additional details. Do you have any error logs from the failed aufs to overlay2 migration? aufs is considered a legacy storage driver by both Docker and balenaEngine, so I wouldn’t recommend staying on it going forward. Of course, we may not be able to help since we don’t know the particulars of your custom OS, but the error messages may serve to help others on the forum if anyone encounters a migration failure in the future.