Kubernetes with balenaEngine as the Container Runtime


I’m trying to use balenaEngine as the container runtime on Kubernetes instead of Docker, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to change the runtime to balenaEngine, I was wondering if anyone has been successful and be able to provide instructions.

Thank you.

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Hello @shang thanks for working on this and welcome to the balena forums!

Why are you trying with Kubernetes and not k3s or k0s?

Tell us more details and we will try to help you! Let’s stay connected

Hi, I’m trying with Kubernetes, because I heard that they are deprecating Docker in the the future releases. I have also tried messing with k3s and haven’t been successful either, so I am fine with either of the ks, if someone have been able to figure it out.

Hi @shang, unfortunately this is uncharted territory and not one we are actively exploring afaik.

Previously you were able to do this by configuring kubelet to point to balena engine socket (see Balena engine with Kubernetes · Issue #84 · balena-os/balena-engine · GitHub and Kubernetes with balena-engine as Container Runtime · Issue #255 · balena-os/balena-engine · GitHub) but that relied on dockershim which is going away from Kubernetes with the deprecation.

In any case and in case you missed it, the docker deprecation doesn’t mean you need to stop using docker with kubernetes. Here are a couple articles that illustrate the change: