Supporting for a board based on NXP i.MX 8M MINILPD4-EVK?



Hi all,

I have an i.MX8 MINI EVK coming in to evaluate for a custom board variant we are designing.

I see there are some i.MX8 boards supported (Compulab MX8M, Variscite Dart MX8M).

I also see there is support for the i.MX8 Mini in meta-freescale.

Where would you recommend I start to take existing configurations to add i.MX8 MINI EVK support as as a stepping stone to supporting our TBD custom board.

Maybe ?




Hey Alex, imx8m-var-dart should be a good starting point for supporting this board. The machine definition is created in the balena layers ( so that could be an additional useful bit or figuring out if fsl upstream has support for your board.



Checking again the repo you pointed to, it seems like it is probably a better starting point. I was confused by the fact that master only had a README file and I though it got moved in the repo I’m mentioning above. So yes, might be a good starting point for your board.


Yeah I was a bit confused by that.

Thanks for that @agherzan - it’s been a while - hope you’re well?

We were talking about the other day in the office. Still very keen to get you guys up to speak at IoT Liverpool if the team are up for it!


I’m alright. Waiting for the summer as we seem to skip the spring this year. Hope everything is fine on your side too.

I’m not sure what are the plans in regards to attending that event but I’ll reach internally and see if we have any plans.


Thanks Andrei