Compatibility of DART-MX8M Mini with VAR-SOM-IMX8M Mini

I am trying to get balena OS to run in the VAR-SOM-IMX8M Mini Variscite board. As far as I understand the software is shared between this board and the DART-MX8M Mini, which is already supported by balena. However when I flash the DART image into the VAR-SOM I can only find the device and I am not able to ssh into it.

Should this work? If not is balena planning to add support for the VAR-SOM-MX8M Mini? If not how easy is it to add custom support for this board?

Thank you in advance

Hi David, thanks for reaching out. The short answer is you can certainly build support for a board, and it’s easier if it’s a board that is similar to one we already support, like in your case. There is information on the process here: balenaOS - Docs

Once you have an image successfully built, you can also submit a PR into our OS repo, and we can include support for the board…allowing others to benefit and use that hardware to! Hope that helps, thanks!