Supervisor LogBackend 504

Hi all,

While trying to upgrade my openBalena server, when testing, I get the error on the Balena supervisor:

[error]   LogBackend: server responded with status code: 504

I must say, I don’t know at the moment if this error occurs in the previous version of openBalena, but I saw the error in the supervisor and I’m wondering what happens here.

openBalena version: v3.2.1
hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
balenaOS: v2.73.1+rev1 (dev image)
Supervisor version: v12.4.6

Let me know if you need more info!

Thank you for reporting @bversluijs

At what moment did you see that message? Could you please give us more context?

Hi Marc,

I was just testing out the “new” openBalena release (v3.2.1), so booted up a new node pool (Kubernetes), created a new openBalena instance with a fresh config (so did the quickstart again), created an app via balena app create, configured a balenaOS image (via balena os configure) and booted the Raspberry Pi.

Everything seemed to work fine (VPN connection did it’s job, it registered fine with openBalena, downloaded releases fine), and I was just checking the supervisor logs if it had any problems and stumbled upon that error. Checked for more context with journalctl, but that had the same log as I posted without additional info.

That’s really the only context I have, hopefully it’s enough. Like I said, I couldn’t find any issues with the Pi itself or openBalena, but I thought it’s worth mentioning, because I don’t know if it can cause any problems.

Thanks Marc. Is the above error blocking any of the operations you are trying to perform?

I think you replied to me instead of Marc, but it’s not blocking anything I tried (so far).