Device stuck with status configuring


I have set up an openbalena server (on my LAN) following the instructions. I installed balenaOS (dev) on an intel NUC. When I launch balena devices I see it online, and the status is configuring.
After login to the device I have found that the supervisor is giving me “Error reporting initial configuration, will retry Error”.
Log: logs.txt (17.7 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi @Gian, first of all welcome to the balena community :smiley: Great to see that you are using openBalena.

Can you please note the versions of openBalena and the balenaOS you provision (Intel NUC)? Do you have other devices running fine in your setup?

We saw a similar error in the past week on balenaCloud and we addressed the issue already. So I wonder if you are hitting a similar issue and updating to the latest versions would address this issue already.

Hello @gelbal .
I was using balenaOS 2.68.1+rev1 developer, openBalena 3.2.1 and balena CLI 12.44.12.
Updated to openBalena 3.3.0 , CLI 12.44.14 and balenaOS is the same.
I reconfigured the image and I re-flashed it, now the supervisor gives me this error. logs2.txt (4.2 KB)
I will try with other types of devices.
Note: the configuration of the OS image required me to insert the OS version.

I tired using the balenaFin, similar error (and it is not shown in balena apps) logs3.txt (4.6 KB)

Note2: I use custom DNS could that be a problem?

hello @gian. It is possible that the custom DNS could be a problem. The supervisor seems to being having trouble getting to the api for provisioning. Let’s try something. SSH to the device and try to curl
curl -ik https://api.<domain>/ping
It should result in OK. If it does, then enter the supervisor container and try the same thing. That will let us know if the device is able to find the api.

I don’t know how but I solved it, and yes the supervisor was unable to connect to the server due to the DNS configuration