SSH Connection From Server


I understand openBalena uses VPN to route SSH connections.

How can I connect via SSH from the Server computer running openBalena to a specific device using a regular terminal?

Any help is appreciated.



You may use our balena CLI to establish SSH connection to a running device. After you login to openBalena, then you may do balena ssh to access either a running container or the host OS.


Thanks @majorz


@rlev SSH to remote devices is still work-in-progress and I expect balena ssh to fail. You still can SSH into devices on your local network, either via plain SSH or balena local ssh.


Thank for information @dfunckt


If using plain ssh to connect i.e ssh@localdeviceip what is the user and password?


I have tried to do ssh via this command to a device running a development version of BalenaOS non-managed and I get this results :

command : ssh -A -p 22222 root@

output : ssh: connect to host port 22222: No route to host

Any hints?


If I try
balena ssh
I get Permission denied (publickey).



I have had no trouble getting SSH via local IP to my development devices like this;

ssh root@{local IP} -p 22222

It should just let you in, no password required.

Yes, this is expected since SSH is not yet working via balena ssh on openbalena.


Also - are you using a production image? That will require an SSH public key to authenticate your login. I am working on this at the moment.


@richbayliss thanks for getting back.

I am using a development BalenaOS v.2.28 for a dart imx6ul board. I know there is a newer version 2.29 Rev.2 but did not try yet.


I thought you might like to follow these steps to get SSH working to your devices on openBalena… SSH into host device

This is a workaround until we get the balena CLI updated to include it directly :ok_hand: