problems about cli ssh to devices

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when we use cli ssh to devices ,no matter what way we use,we can not ssh to devices,but we don’t have a clue


You’re tunneling ports 8081 of the device to port 9000 of your local machine and port 8080 of the device to port 3000 of your local machine. The SSH port is port 22222 of the device.

So, how do you try to SSH into the device? Using balena ssh?
If so, you might want to try the following:

$ balena tunnel oden -p 8080:3000 -p 8081:9000 -p 22222:22222
$ balena ssh

What this does is also tunnel port 22222 of the device to port 22222 of your local machine and then you’ve to SSH to your local machine, because the port is proxied.

Keep in mind that this works for a development device, for production devices you need to configure an SSH key and use that key to authenticate using SSH.

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