Spotify jumping back and forth on Pi Zero


Got Balena Sound running on a pi 0w with a HifiBerry DAC+ Zero.
With Spotify Connect I have sound going out, first few seconds with drops, then with jumps. It will play one or two sec, then go back in time one sec and play that section again.

Sounds like it drops and play a old buffer to fill the gap.

Overlay is “hifiberry-dac” and variables are :

  • SOUND_VOLUME = 100

I checked the network as it is not located in an ideal place, and speed test shows download > 1mpbs. Which should be enough for a spotify stream.

Also checked for undervoltage and it is properly powered.

Nothing the logs, neither for spotify or audio block.

(note that this is a forked build of balena sound without multiroom-server, multiroom-client and bluetooth)

Any clue what might cause this or what i should check next ?

Eventually moved to a pi3, I don’t think pi0 is a good fit for balenasound.

Thanks for sharing @aethernet :slight_smile: The Pi0 is a relatively old device and can be problematic with newer releases of the software that balenaSound is comprised of.