Silently failing ISO -> USB on Win10

I’ve just downloaded balena Etcher v1.7.3 to create some bootable USB drives, but it’s silently failing.

The ISO I’m using works fine with other tools (Rufus), but not with Etcher. It goes through the process of writing to the drives, and the USB sticks are heating up so there’s definitely write activity happening, but the volume labels aren’t updated and I can’t open the drives afterwards.

Etcher finishes the write, and the validation, and reports successful. But if I try to open the USB drive after I get the Windows “Insert Disk” dialog stating “Please insert a disc into USB Drive”.

I’d really like to get this working, the ability to write multiple bootable USB sticks in parallel would be really handy if it worked.

Etcher currently does not support flashing Windows ISO’s, see Support burning Windows images · Issue #210 · balena-io/etcher · GitHub