Problems Adding a Display

Hey everyone,

I was trying to add a display to my rpi3 but it is currently not working. The Display is a XPT2046. I am having a problem with the dtoverlay i believe and cant figure out what to do.
I believe I found more info for it here
but since I’m new to balena os I didnt know how that transfers. If anyone one can help that would be great thanks.

Hi @Notorious515 which exact screen are you using? I see from the linked repository that there are a number of different models, and the required dtoverlay values might be different for each. Maybe there’s a product page you can link as to?

When you use a screen, do you have anything shown? Or nothing at all?

I also checked that the touch screen drivers for these devices should work with balenaOS as the required dtoverlay for the touch part is definitely shipped. For the screen itself, it might be just setting the right hdmi variables, etc, or maybe using the piscreen as dtoverlay as for example mentioned here

If you have any more details, we should be able to assist you further!