Service Now - Uploading Attachments to the Servicenow Instance

I need some help in passing the complete file path(file location) along with the file name(example test678.txt) as part of the POST API Request so that i can upload the attachments to the servicenow incident

Post Servicenow API used for uploading the attachments via Postman :

Note: File location will be a common location and i dont want to add the file path as binary or form-data. Can we have the complete file path in the API itself or as part of raw request body (json) ?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello Varunteja,
I couldn’t understand the issue that you are facing? What API request are you making using the balenaAPI? What is the intended usecase that you are trying to achieve? What is the servicenow incident? I see that you are using Postman to make the request. Any context would be helpful in helping you out with this issue?