API Request Error


I’ve been getting this strange error since 2pm today, the code hasnt changed.
It works locally but has started returning this vague error from the service that runs on an AWS server. I’m using the Balena Python SDK, and the error occurs calling the following method: balena.models.device.get_with_service_details(uuid)

service_details = balena.models.device.get_with_service_details(uuid).get(‘current_services’)
File “/home/bitnami/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/balena/models/device.py”, line 311, in get_with_service_details
raw_data = self.base_request.request(
File “/home/bitnami/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/balena/base_request.py”, line 197, in request
raise exceptions.RequestError(response._content)
balena.exceptions.RequestError: b’’

Hi @aindriu,

We’ve been having some known issues affecting our API. We post outage information as soon as we can on our Status Update page, which you can find here: https://status.balena.io/. I would subscribe to our updates so you know when the API is back to functioning as expected and check then to see if the issue you’re seeing persists.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

Interestingly, the API status is green for today, 0 incidents, but I still have the issue. Is this updated live?
Is there a way to report my issue?

Which version of the balena Python SDK are you using? You are reporting the issue in the correct place, and if it turns out to be a problem with the SDK we can add an issue to that repo as well.

Hello, just following up here to note that the issue with get_with_service_details was fixed in version v12.3.1 and greater of the balena Python SDK.