octoprint plus several services

Hello !

I’m not new using balena, but this is the first time I manage myself the release.
I added some services in my last release and it’s working fine (almost : I’m struggling with the pi camera support in octoprint but never mind for the moment).

But the problem is : My Ubuntu failed and I lost my directory containing all the config files I pushed in my fleet (and sadly, I didn’t record it before on a github repo… Bad. Very bad).

I’m not sure about the process to recover the correct files and repush files (I need to modify the release…) by avoiding to lost all my files on the sd card… (config, data, etc.).

Could someone help me to reach that goal, please ?

Thanks a lot, and sorry for my English (globish…), I’m french.


(config : Rasperry-pi 4 8gb,
minecraft server

Hello @subsib welcome to the balena community!

Did you record this files into the persistent volumes of your services? in that case, there shouldn’t be a problem. Read more here

Let us know how we can help you more

Thanks to you, I’ll be able to ave the data and config before to deploy my new release, indeed.

Next time, I won’t forget to push it in a github repo first ^^

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