Running balena on the Seeed Studio EdgeBox RPI 200

Yesterday I received a new Seeed Studio EdgeBox RPI 200 that looks perfect to build an industrial IoT edge gateway connecting Modbus Serial sensors and more.

As it brings a CM4 with eMMC, i just opened it to flash the CM4 with a CM4 IO board such as the official Raspberry Pi CM4 IO board, the Waveshare CM4 IO board that i used or the inexpensive Nebra CM4 IO board.

Just flashed balenaOS using balenaEtcher.

Next step will be to power up the device following the instructions from the User Manual and check if the device works well with the balenaOS CM4 device type OS version.

Stay tunned!


Today I connected the EdgeBox RPI 200 with a Power Adapter to bring the needed power on a DIN rail to the device.

I created on balenaCloud a fleet running the N3uron historian IIoT application that you can find on balenaHub.

The device is fully functional right now, and I’m testing a Seeed Studio Modbus sensor collecting temperature and humitidy using the RS485 with N3uron. However i’m still struggling to capture the Serial data through the Phoenix Connector of the EdgeBox RPI200.

BTW i’m using the EdgeBox RPI200 upside down to get the cables shorter from the power adapter to the Phoenix Connector.

Next step is to see how to access to the Phoenix Connector GPIO from balenaOS.

Stay tunned!

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