Balena on Seed Studio EdgeBox-RPI and EdgeLogix-RPI

I’m considering the Raspberry Pi Compute Module powered Seed Studio EdgeBox-RPI and EdgeLogix-RPI devices for an upcoming project.

Is there any experience within Balena or in the community with running BalenaOS on these platforms?

Hello @mhoejgaard thanks for your message and apologizes for the long delay answering your question.

I’m not aware of anyone using these devices but they look very interesting. I asked internally.

Did you find any hardware to use for your project with balena?

Let us know more, so we can help you!

If it’s based on RasPi CM4 you should just be able to flash the CM4 image and it should just work.

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Hi @mpous and @shawaj

Thanks for your answers.
I’m quite familiar with Balena and mainly wanted to know if there was any experience with this specific device.

I just received an EdgeLogix-RPI-1000 today and will start experimenting.

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@mhoejgaard let us know how your tests work :slight_smile:

Do you have any update here @mhoejgaard :nerd_face:

Unfortunately no real progress on bare metal yet. Therefore no attempts of Balenafication has been made.

The code samples and documentation available from Seed Studio when I did my testing a few weeks ago were hardly functional. However, I’ve seen a great deal of improvements since first examining the documentation a few months ago. I’ll probably shelf the product for a month or to before attempting again.

I’ll post updates if I manage to move forward.

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Hello @mhoejgaard i just received my EdgeBox RPI 200 and i will try to run balenaOS on it. Could you please share what you did?

i’m going to write here Running balena on the Seeed Studio EdgeBox RPI 200

Hi @mpous,

Great to hear that there might be some progress on this subject. I’ll make sure to follow along and try to test/confirm your findings on the EdgeLogix-RPI-1000. I guess most if not all should be identical with EdgeBox-RPI-200.

I didn’t do anything balenawise. My main interest was DI and DO on the x30 connector and the display. The DI/DO sample was functional but since the display sample wasn’t functional (both on bare metal) I decided to postpone further work. The samples I’m referring to are available in the manual:

I am quite sure that DI and DO (and probably most of the GPIO) can work on Balena. I believe DI and DO is accesed via i2c.

@mhoejgaard did you move forward on your research? at the moment, i’m struggling on accessing to the RS485 for the EdgeBox RPI200 via ttyACM0.

@mhoejgaard i’m successfully running the balenaOS on the EdgeBox RPI200. Read more here Running balena on the Seeed Studio EdgeBox RPI 200

As your device is more complex, let me know if you find more issues and we can test!