Restoring Past Configurations

Due to a personnel change, we let our account lapse and our cofigurations are gone. Can you restore from a backup of a certain date?


What do you mean by account configurations, can you please elaborate?

We have devices configured with Balena, we had applications established in Balena. Our account expired, we would like them restored.

Hi @jws,
Can you clarify what you mean with “lapse”?
Our platform doesn’t have an expiration date on accounts, so even for free accounts your applications & devices should still be there and operational, unless their owner deletes them.
Can you clarify the username or email address of that account so that we can further investigate?
Please also provide any further details that you can about the previous state of your account.

Kind regards,

I can’t reply in a public forum with this information, can you provide an email for me to send this info to you (or email my account)?

Hi John

Would you be okay with sharing that info (username/email addr) in a private message to me on the forum?
If you are okay, just click on my name in the forum and click Message. That will send a private message to me