Resolved. snapcast-client error with USB wifi adapter on RPi B+


I’m running a RPi B+ as a balenaSound client, and it works great when I have it plugged into the wired network. However, when I use a USB WiFi adapter, the logs are showing the info below every one second. The WiFi adapter is (apparently) working, and the RPi is showing up in the balenaCloud UI. I can connect a terminal through the cloud. But the device never becomes operational, and logs the following over and over:

09.09.20 19:16:27 (-0700) snapcast-client 2020-09-10 02-16-27 [Error] (worker) Exception in Controller::worker(): connect: Connection refused
09.09.20 19:16:27 (-0700) snapcast-client 2020-09-10 02-16-27 [Error] (stop) Error in socket shutdown: Socket not connected

RPi is a B+ v1.2
WiFi adapter is a Linksys WUSB54G ver 4
Most recent balenaSound with no modifications.

Is there a config or environment variable I need to mess with?


EDIT: Well shoot. Now it’s working and I don’t know why. It’s possible I just never gave it enough time to configure itself and start working. But I gave it a solid 45 minutes. Just now, it started working after being on line only a few minutes.

EDIT 2: OK, I figured it out. There were two issues going on:

  1. This old USB WiFi device can’t hold up to the network performance needed to stream, and is either too slow or latent. Or maybe the USB hub on the RPi can’t hold up. Could also be an issue on my WiFi, since I’m running pretty modern Ubiquity network hardware in the house and that USB WiFi device is really old.

  2. When I switched from wired to USB wireless, the IP address on the RPi changed, which seems to have thrown a monkey wrench into the snapcast system that won’t recover until something causes the servers and clients to renegotiate. I was able to get things back to operational by pairing up to a different server RPi, which triggered the snapcast-clients to reconfigure, and things started working on the offending RPi.

Hey there! Nice finds. I’m glad you got It all working fine again. Do not hesitate in letting us know if we can help with anything else. Have a great day!