ResinOS ( on HP t610

Hi forum!

I have a HP t610 which i want to use with (based on resinOS)

I have tried the intel nuc image, but i cant get it to boot. Do i really have to get a nuc to boot it or am i doing something wrong?

The error is: systemd caught ill dumped core as pid 255

Info about the t610:

Thanks :slight_smile:


you are referring to resinOS ( and not to resin platform (, is that correct?
Have you managed to install resinOS to your device? You can check here if your device is supported:


Thank you for your reply!

yes, that is correct and no it freezes at the mentioned error. It says Intel x86_64 so I assumed it would work on a compatible cpu, but I was wrong i guess.

@843 ā€“ Did you ever get this working? Iā€™m running into the same error trying to run the NUC image in a KVM on Fedora Server.