Resin staged releases


Earlier I saw that you can do staged-releases through resin API. Now I cannot find it anywhere in the documentation. I could find a sample github repo ( so I’m sure that it used to be a feature.

Am I looking for it in the bad place, or what happened?


Do those API calls set out in those shell scripts still work, i.e. are we looking at a problem in the docs or the code?

Hi @strantam we actually haven’t “fully” released this feature yet and thus it’s not in our documentation. The github repo is your best bet for now. The API endpoints are all there and should work fine (let us know if they don’t!). We’ll be releasing frontend support for the feature soon and will add it to the docs at that time.

Hi @strantam,

Although it isn’t a fully released feature by Resin. I made a set of scripts to already start using it for our company. It is based on a now old release of the Resin python SDK. See this resin-utils repo.

Good luck!

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