Resin local push keeps re-pulling base image



I’ve been using resinos Resin OS 2.0.0-rc1.rev2 developer and every time that I do a resin local push -s . it re-pulls the image in the Dockerfile FROM line…

* Building..
- Stopping and Removing any previous 'hb' container
- Building new 'hb' image
Step 1 : FROM resin/raspberrypi3-node:latest

I can’t seem to find a way to make this stop - it sort of makes the local development mode less efficient then OTA deploys from because unpacking the layers takes a long time on the SD card it seems.

Thanks in advance…

Resin-cli 5.7.0
Raspberrypi 3


Hi, this is strange. I’ve seen this behaviour before for a bit, but when I was trying it just now, I couldn’t reproduce it. It caches just fine. :thought_balloon:
Would it be possible to share your project with us, so we can try to run the same code as you did, see why it might fail?


I had to fall back to resinos 1.x as the avahi daemon refused to work in 2.0 - something that I’ll need to troubleshoot at some point also.

The Dockerfile is here:


@KingJulien do you mind filing an issue to ?


@KingJulien resinOS 2.0 has avahi running on the host OS to advertise the device over the network with a .local address (see more in the announcements), and because of that avahi daemon in the application container won’t work.

What are you using the avahi-daemon for? Announcing the device, or something else? There are a few interesting bits of information in the forums for interacting with that hostOS avahi over dbus, which might help, for example.