bandwidth usage

I couldn’t find anything in the docs regarding the bandwidth usage of, is there anything available? i.e. what’s the typical bandwidth usage over a minute / hour of the supervisor


Currently our bandwidth usage is fairly high due to our client working hard to maintain a constant stream of data, at around 1.5MB/hr. We are working on the ability to singificantly reduce this via either UI or environment according to your needs, though with a consequent reduction in the ‘freshness’ of data in your dashboard.

What’s your use case? Are you planning to deploy devices in a low bandwidth environment?

Best, Lorenzo

The use case is as an internet gateway to an array of wireless sensors for an industrial application, so not necessarily low bandwidth, but as they would be installed on customers premises the lower the better. The freshness of the monitoring data (server load, memory usage, etc) is not that much of an issue, but whether the device is online or not would be.


Ok, we’re actively working on providing a means for users to detremine the level of traffic that occurs (with consequent responsiveness trade off), so hopefully we should be able to find a solution that works for you.

If you contact me at, we can perhaps discuss your requirements further and additionally I can let you know when this feature ships!

Best, Lorenzo