Moving device quite bandwidth heavy

Hey guys,

Many of my devices are running on 3g modems. I’ve noticed that moving a device from one application to the other (for instance, I have separate STAGING and PRODUCTION applications) is quite bandwidth heavy (500mb in my case).

Is there any way/plan to reduce this? Maybe some functionality by using the delta server or something?

This of course is only possible if the codebases on applications are almost the same.

when you move your device to another application, it has to download the container with the new application. The download size depends on your application. But when the application is downloaded you can enable DELTAS by setting in your device environment variables the RESIN_SUPERVISOR_DELTA equal to 1 in order to receive the delta on the next updates of your application.

For more info, please see here:


Yeah I get that.

So that basically means moving a device will always trigger a complete new container download, and thus consume a lot of bandwidth. Too bad, thanks tho.