Resilio + Network drive share - hiring help

Hi all,

My company is looking for some help to put together a balena project to deploy for our employees a simple sync + network share solution.
We’d use:

  • resilio sync (open to suggestions for an alternative - must have : p2p / selective sync / web gui)
  • network share (will be acessed from windows machines mainly)
  • usb storage (any USB drive connected should mount and made available to use as storage location for resilio).

From the resilio web GUI, we want to be able to connect a resilio share, and store sync data onto the USB storage connected to the Pi (we will use Pi4).
The entire USB drive should be made available as a network share. (optional login/password to access)

I could probably figure out to put the pieces together, but I’ve sadly don’t have the time anymore to fiddle with it - even for a few hours.

If you can help, please reach out! (here in the thread or PM)

We’re planning to submit the app to when ready since we believe others might find it useful too.
Code will be shared publicly on github regardless.

Sounds like a neat use-case @xyala. Let’s see what the community chimes in with!

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