Changes to support


Support Changes

We’re making a few changes to our support process. Our goal is for the entire community to become more knowledgeable with each issue solved and question answered. We’re therefore shifting our support focus to the place with the most impact and visibility: our forums.

What’s Changing

We’ll be moving all support questions from free users to the community forums starting Monday, March 20th.

This is the important thing to know: as a free user, you will still be communicating with engineers - that does not change. What changes is the venue. We realized that we answer a lot of the same questions in private conversations, where our responses aren’t publicly available for other users to learn from. We decided we should have as many support conversations as possible in public. The engineers will be active in the forums and looking to answer questions (see more below), and we hope you’ll join us by helping to ask and answer questions!

Paid users will continue to have access to private support. We’ll encourage paid users to take their questions to the forums whenever possible, where we will gladly answer them. We will continue to provide direct support to customers whenever it’s needed, with guaranteed response times for customers with SLAs. (If you’re not a paid user but would like to become one, check our support plans or contact us at

We will not use Gitter as an official support channel. It’s a great tool for community discussion, and very often there’ll be Resin team members around there to chat about anything you’d like too, but chat rooms like Gitter don’t offer much of the structure or long-term persistence we’d like in our community support, so we’ll be gently encouraging support-like questions there onto the forums. That way we can keep track of questions more effectively, and more people can easily share in the answers in future.

Our Approach to Support

When you ask a question through a support channel, a engineer answers it. They may answer off the top of their head, or bring the question back to the team. In any case, you interact directly with the people who built - and are still building! - the product you’re using, and they interact with the people they’ve built the product for. It’s a win-win.

We also approach support as an opportunity to learn more about our users and their experience with Support leads hold daily teardowns, where they review all of the issues handled that day and draw out feedback patterns. Particularly relevant issues and suggestions are raised in our weekly all-hands call, which directly informs our priorities and company roadmap. The insights we get from support are important to us, and we’ll be reviewing forum threads in our support teardowns to bring questions and issues back to the team.

Get Support: the Troubleshooting Category

We recently created the Troubleshooting category to provide a central place to ask questions about any issues you might encounter using A quick guide on using the category:

If you have an issue, you can quickly search the forums to see if your question has already been asked. If it has, you can see if it’s already been answered, or join the conversation in its current state.
If you don’t find any topics related to your question, you can start a new topic in Troubleshooting, providing as much detail about your issue as possible. Our engineers will be monitoring the Troubleshooting category to discuss and answer questions. They can also initiate a temporary one-to-one email conversation with you if you need to share sensitive information in order to get your question answered.
Once solved, we’ll move the topic out of Troubleshooting and into one of the other relevant forum categories. With this last step, the response becomes part of our common knowledge base.

This is a new process, and we want to know what you think, so please share any questions or comments. We think this change will enable us to provide better support to more users, build up a shared knowledge base, and provide an opportunity for the members of the community to help each other!