Weekly Release Notes - May 30, 2017



This week’s release notes include a number of changes to the CLI, including the ability to specify build-time variables for local Docker builds and support for running ‘resin ssh’ behind a proxy.


  • A progress bar now shows upload progress when using resin deploy to deploy a Docker image to an application.
  • The resin build command for local Docker builds now supports specifying build-time variables. This is done with the option --buildArg or -B, for example -B 'ARG=value'.
  • The resin ssh command now works from behind a proxy. To use this feature, you will need to have proxytunnel installed.

###Device specific OS updates
Artik 710

  • v2.0.4+rev2 released to production.


  • v2.0.4+rev2 released to production.