Release an new version to Balena Cloud

I need help to create a new release in Balena Cloud this is my environment
BalenaOS 2.48.0+rev1 and supervisor 10.8.0 running on a BalenaFin(cm3) in local mode

I updated my docker-compose.yml and all project files and did following,

  1. sudo balena login (with session token)
  2. sudo balena push IP(local device)

I can see that BalenaOS got updated with changes I made, however I couldn’t find my new release in BalenaCloud.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi - welcome to the forums! It’s great to see you getting going with your Fin.

What’s happening here is that you’ve put your device into local mode, which means building and syncing code happens directly on the device itself. That’s why you aren’t seeing anything in the releases section of balenaCloud. More details here:

Hope this helps,

Thanks @phil-d-wilson great, I disabled local mode and it worked.
Before I posted here, I actually tried disabling local mode and tried to do push with ip (created using wifi connection) and didnt work. I used now the ‘device-name’ instead of IP and it worked


Good news that it’s working now.

I think it would be worth you having a read of what happens when you push code to your app:

When the device is in local mode, you push to the IP address of the device since your code will be built there. When the device is no in local mode, you push your code to the name of your app. The code will then be sent to our cloud builder and the release added to your app, and the device will run the release.

Hope this helps,