Reducing the verbosity of balena cli

I’m using the balena cli to debug an application locally. Unfortunately, the balena command insists on dumping [Debug] statements as well as [Info] etc. How do I disable this behaviour? I can’t see anything in balena help --verbose


@guff666 do you have an environment variable DEBUG set to 1? Normally these flags are only printed when that env var is set.

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Simple answer: yes! I’ve no idea how it got set, but I guess it was done for something else.

Wouldn’t it be much, much more “standard” to decide the level of information using command like switches like -v, rather than using arcane environment variables that might impact other programs?

Perhaps you’re right, but there’s not much in terms of motivation to change this really. It can be done without affecting other programs by preceeding the command itself e.g. DEBUG=1 balena push app.