Reclaiming disk space

My docker volums openbalena_registry and openbalena_s3 are 13 and 12GB.
openbalena_s3/_data/.minio.sys/tmp is 99% of taken space.

Is there anyway I can reclaim disk space ?
This is after using docker image prune and docker system prune.

Thanks a lot

This is due to the images you’be pushed to your application; the docker image prune etc will not operate on these filesystems. I am not really sure how one would tidy them up, but it would be the same issue that any standard docker registry would have; I don’t think the delete operation was considered due to the fact that most docker/package systems like immutablity.

I will disucss this internally to see if there is something/anything we could do going forward, but I don’t have any ideas right now, sorry.

I took my chances, stoped openbalena, deleted the 12Gb openbalena_s3/_data/.minio.sys/tmp directory and everything restared and is working fine.
Thanks for your fast answer.