How to get rid of Online (VPN only) mode in a beaglebone-black device

Hi, I have a couple of questions/doubts.
1.) After getting “No Space Left On Device” message in the log window, my device has gone into Online (VPN only) mode and I am not able to restart/reboot it any more.
It gives the below error.

How can I go back to normal without re-flashing the device?

2.) I also see that the storage if full but I am not sure what caused this and I am somewhat certain it was not my applications. I am also not able to see the logs anymore because I am not able to ssh inside the container.

What could have caused the memory to be full?

Is the docker diffs in /var/lib/docker/?

If Yes, Can I clean some of these?

Can someone please give me insight of what is going on.


Hi there, if you are able to connect to this device still with a terminal, running df -h would be the first thing I would run to see where the disk space has been consumed. If you grant support access to the device and share the uuid, we could also take a look for you.

Hi, The device came back to normal itself after sometime. I am keeping an eye on it. I will let you know if it happens again.


It would be nice if you can also enable persistent logging on the device. This will help debug this issue faster if it happens again.