Raspberry to run resin.io from Hard disk


Tested on another board with Resin OS 2.13.6+rev1: same problem.
The other board is running Resin OS 2.13.6+rev1 and support access has been granted until Aug 16th 2018, 5:38 pm.
@lekkas feel free to access the device when you want!


@daghemo Can you please send me a private message with the device URL?


@daghemo Thanks. Can I reboot the device a couple of times?


Feel free to do whatever you need! Also, you can destroy any application on the device if you want, really!


Do you have a serial console at your disposal? Can you flash a dev image and boot with a serial console attached?


Not right now, but I can try to get one. Any other option to boot flash the dev image, then save output to file?


I don’t understand what you mean. Could you detail?


Sorry @agherzan, I mean that I do not have a console cable ready at hand, but I will try to get one in some days.
Using a console cable is the only option or we can collect some information from logs on the board? That is, can we redirect console output to a file?


The problem seems to have the roots in the fact that the initramfs fails to expand the extended partition (and the data partition). I would need to provide you with a custom image that outputs logs in a file and copies after mounting the rootfs (or somewhere else). I would get a little complicated. I’ll try to see if I can reproduce on Monday though.


Hi @agherzan, I’m back at home from holidays.
Any news? If not, I can put my hands on a console cable between today and tomorrow.


Hi @agherzan. As already said, I now have a console cable and I’m ready to do some testing.
Right now the Raspberry Pis are able to boot via USB, but the filesystem on it does not get resized.